Local 005 Executive

ChairAaron TownsendLocal005 Chair
Vice-ChairSamantha DaviesLocal005 Vice-Chair
SecretaryShawna LundLocal005 Secretary
TreasurerCrystal IonsonLocal005 Treasurer
PE RepresentativeRick HarrisonLocal005 PERep
PE Representative (ALT)Kari MatechukLocal005 PERep (Alt)
 Local 005 Elected Officers  
OH&S RepresentativeChris JolyLocal005 OHS Rep
Alt. OH&S Representative
Nicole Braun 
Local005 OHS Rep (Alt) 
Local 005 Convention OrganizerShawna LundLocal005 Convention Organizer
Rick Harrison
Local005 Webmaster

Local 005 Council Representatives



2019 Council Representatives




Randy Ramsden

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Chris Joly

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Tammy DeCosta

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Rick Harrison

 Email Rick



Vacant (Alternate)


Ft. McMurray

Paul St. John

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High Level

Samantha Davies

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Peace River

Al Benson

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Slave Lake

Crystal Ionson

Email Crystal

Shawna Lund

Email Shawna


Grande Prairie

Kari Matechuk

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Lac La Biche



Jennifer Bowlby

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Nicole Braun

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 Jeff Bleach

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Mike Shantz

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Aaron Townsend

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13Red DeerWilliam FletcherEmail William
15BlairmoreDrew Hampel

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Patrick King
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AUPE Staff Advisor to Local 005


Derrick Karbashewski

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Local 005 Natural Resources Conservation Services Chapter Executive 2020

Chapter 1 - Calgary                           
Chair             Chris Joly                                     
Vice-Chair     Nathan Brown                           
Secretary      Kari Lauridsen                         
Treasurer      Kari Lauridsen                        

Chapter 2 - Edmonton 
Chair             Cosmin Tansanu
Vice-Chair     Cosmin Tansanu 
Secretary      Cosmin Tansanu
Treasurer      Cosmin Tansanu
 Chapter 3 - Ft McMurray 
Chair               Scott Johnston
Vice-Chair      Rob Barnett
Secretary        Kent Jennings
Treasurer        Paul St John

Chapter 4 - High Level  

 Chair              Sam Davies
Vice-Chair      Jason Smith
Secretary        Stephanie Niemiec 
 Treasurer        Stephanie Niemiec 

 Chapter 5 - Peace River 
Chair                Lee Ruthven
Vice-Chair       Gary Thirnbeck
Secretary         Mike Lutz 
Treasurer         Mike Lutz
 Chapter 6 - Slave Lake (2019)
Chair               Crystal Ionson
Vice-Chair       Craig McCormick
Secretary         Deanna Zelt
Treasurer         Shawna Lund

Chapter 7 - Grande Prairie (2019)

Chair               Kari Matechuk
Vice-Chair       Tyler Pinnock 
Secretary         Jason Handfield 
Treasurer         Jason Handfield 
Chapter 8 - Lac La Biche
Chair               Clifton McKay 
Vice-Chair       Mike Tucker 
Secretary         Jason Hebert 
Treasurer         Jason Hebert
Chapter 10 - Whitecourt 
Chair                Dave Geddes
Vice-Chair        Brian Lopushinsky
Secretary          Allison Brown
Treasurer          Fauve Blanchard
Chapter 11 - Edson 
Chair               Tanya Sawicki
Vice-Chair       Ben Biro
Secretary        Denise Bath
Treasurer        Denise Bath 
 Chapter 12 - Rocky Mountain House
 Chair                Aaron Townsend
Vice-Chair        Wayne Werstiuk 
Secretary         Andrew Butler 
Treasurer         Andrew Butler
Chapter 13 - Red Deer
Chair                Christopher Kelly
Vice-Chair        Darren McInnes 
Secretary         Jordan Baier 
Treasurer         TBD
Chapter 15 - Blairmore 
Chair                Michael Taje
Vice-Chair        Jordan Nelson
Secretary         Peter Dunbar 
Treasurer         Peter Dunbar

Last update: February 25, 2020


General Services Bargaining Committee Local 005

The General Services Bargaining Committee (GSBC) consists of a team of appointed AUPE representatives and 9 GSBC Locals. Each local elects 4 representatives held during their respective Annual General Meetings. The elected GSBC representative’s activity participate with the bargaining table negotiations with the employer. Each Local GSBC reports back to their membership informing, discussing, seeking clarification and then voting on issues raised during contract negotiations.

Randy Ramsden
Email Randy
Kari Matechuk
Email Kari
To Be Determined
Alt. Member 
To Be Determined 
AUPE Local 005 MSO Derrick Karbashewski
Email Derrick 

Local 005 Employee Relations Committee

The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) and the Government of Alberta (Employer) established a joint Local 005 Employee Relations Committee (ERC) to discuss and advise matters of mutual interest relating to employees covered by the Natural Resources Conservation Services, Subsidiary Agreement 005 and the collective Master Agreement. The committee contains equal membership representation and is co-chaired by both parties. The members of the committee must approve all recommendations and if accepted by both the Employer and AUPE may be implemented by mutual agreement.

Five Local 005 members are appointed to represent the local from each of the resource management branches and divisions consisting of Wildfire, Forest, Land, Fish and Wildlife and Parks and Recreation.
The ERC meets twice per year to discuss GOA policy and procedural issue(s) brought forward by our membership seeking clarification or ruling(s) to those issue(s) under discussion with resource management representatives.

If a Local 005 member comes across a worksite situation or a matter that may require discussion or clarification by the ERC, members are encouraged to engage with their local chapters and resource representatives, listed below, and fill out the supplied ERC Member Complaint document found under ERC documents.  

The Employee Relations Committee (ERC) consists of five (5) AUPE Local 5 Government of Alberta (GOA) divisional members and management assigned representatives. The ERC meets twice per year to discuss GOA policy and procedural issue(s) brought forward by our membership seeking clarification or ruling to those issue(s) under discussion with management.

GOA Division Representative Email
Wildfire ManagementClifton McKayEmail Clifton
Forest ManagementCraig HarriottEmail Craig
Land ManagementDavid GeddesEmail David
Parks and RecreationRandy RamsdenEmail Randy
Fish and WildlifeKenton YaceykoEmail Kenton

Employee Relations Committee Forms