Message from the Chair:

Hello everyone, there is a lot of information getting spread out there especially in regards to the recent cuts to the Rappel and tower/lookout programs. There is indication that there may be more to come and Local 005 is making sure our members are getting the best and most up-to-date information available. Our members want to know what the Union is doing for them, where the situation is at and what is going to be asked of them. Without a good understanding of the situation then members might be hesitant to take action.

I strongly encourage that all of the chapter council reps to work with their executive to have information meetings where things can be discussed. I have put together a couple of Q&A's documents, some of which came up during our recent conference call with the Union President, VP's and Local Chairs. We have a bit of a unique Local consisting of a diverse mix of permanent and seasonal members. Everyone is very concerned with what will happen next season. I encourage members to make contact with our seasonal members, as well as share information and be open to their questions; so they can become involved as possible.

I have been in contact with the AUPE organizing team, in regards to, all of the talk about the wildfire program cuts. In addition to the articles which I'm sure most of you have seen running through all of the newspapers, AUPE is sending an article to the newspapers, as well with a bit more information and our side of the story regarding cuts to the RAP program. Even though it's not wildfire season we are welcoming all stories from seasonal members as to how these cuts will affect their jobs. If anyone wants to share a story from the seasonal member perspective they can forward their emails to (780) 264-9274.

Do not hesitate to get together as a Chapter to discuss issues as they come forward. Also don't hesitate to give me a call or an email if there are concerns or questions coming up you're not sure how to answer. The attached documents are intended to help with some of the discussion.

In solidarity,

Aaron Townsend

Local 005 Chair